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Downpayment Resource

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Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Yvonne Schunior and work very closely with Rick Trejo / Keller Williams Realty / 512.507.8144.  Rick and I work together in trying to make your home buying process go as smooth as possible.  It’s not every day you buy a home,  so the pleasure would be mine in helping you get a preapproval and walking you through every step needed when purchasing a home. PrimeLending came out to be #1 in Purchase units in Austin, Texas.  This should speak volumes when it comes to the products we offer compared to the bigger banks!!!!!  I would love to tell you more about the company. 

You can email/fax the documents needed to me.  We could do the preapproval through the phone..  I can call you after 5:00 PM. As you mentioned before your credit is under the 600’s .. to qualify for down payment assistance with TSAHC you need to have at least a 640 credit score.  As we spoke on the phone you can see Miguel Diaz at the Wells Fargo on Ben White and Woodward to help you get there.

Below is the link to the website to complete an on-line application on a secured PrimeLending website, please log into the site and look to “APPLY NOW” and  then click on “Full Application”,  this should take about ten minutes.  Web Site:   (I will not run your credit until you are ready)


I have included the checklist of the items needed for the application.  This is a generic checklist, not all of these items will pertain to you.  Also keep in mind as we develop the application, additional items could be needed.  Please see my contact information below in my signature line,  this is the best way to send the items to me.

All Loans:


  1.  Pay stubs covering the last 30 consecutive days
  2.  Checking and Savings Account Statements most recent 2 months.  (All pages even if blank).  Need to be PDF or original form, screen prints will not be sufficient.  (Name, Address, account #.. etc has to be on the statements.)
  3.  Written explanation of any recent large bank deposit may be required for deposits other than Direct Deposit from employer.
  4.  W2s for years 2011 & 2012 ( If you have received 2013 too)
  5.  Personal & Business Tax returns (all schedules) for the past 2 years, signatures on page two
  6.  If you have any other properties we will need  the last mortgage statement, taxes, insurance and if they are being rented the lease agreement.
  7.  Job transfer notice and proof of relocation allowances.
  8.  Landlords Name, address, and telephone number for the past two years and lease ---- If you lease
  9.  Copy of legible Photo ID, i.e.: Drivers license, Military ID, and Social Security card.

Rick and I will guide you to get you and your family into a home. 

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